Our initiatives solve pressing societal problems and their actions have positive impact.

Through our funds, the initiatives receive the necessary support.

How do we help?

  • advising and setting goals
  • organisational structure and role
  • involving experts
  • communication
  • impact assessment
  • legal advice
  • raising funds
  • grants, investments
  • financial and in-kind support




hours of voluntary work



Who are we looking for?


  • that are solving pressing problems in Estonian society
  • that have a measurable impact
  • that are backed by a strong team
  • that have an idea of a working financing model.

Submit your idea. We’ll discuss it and make further plans.




Arutlev kool

The "Arutlev kool" program is a series of inclusive activities involving the entire school community aimed at creating a school environment that values meaningful discussion.


The Re-Use Centre is an independent social enterprise that aims to put used things back in circulation and to make re-use and re-design easily accessible and commonplace for everyone in Estonia.

A three-year digital solutions development program for high school students, aimed at providing essential technology knowledge and skills for the future, fostering creativity, and learning teamwork.


A novel technology school offering practical education for adults, aimed at reducing the ever-growing demand for software developers.

HK Unicorn Squad

A movement that offers technology education exclusively for girls as extracurricular activities, aiming to cultivate their interest in engineering, robotics, and natural sciences through practical and exciting tasks.


An online mathematics practice platform designed to generate interest in mathematics among children using principles of gaming psychology.


ALPA Kids collaborates with teachers and researchers to create age-appropriate and culturally-based digital learning games for children aged 3 to 8.


An innovative ecosystem for teaching natural sciences that makes learning vibrant and teaching enjoyable. The ecosystem includes teaching materials, experiment kits, a community, and software.

Alarm (Praxis)

A early detection system based on big data analysis, providing teachers and school support specialists with information about students' academic performance and enabling timely implementation of various intervention measures.


A teacher development program where one teacher helps another improve by attending their classes and providing feedback based on previously agreed-upon development goals.


Edumus offers exciting and practical online courses for middle and high school students, taught by professionals in their fields. Young people can learn 21st-century skills through courses that count as electives in school.

Competency and Career Model for School Leaders

The competency and career model for school leaders supports them in planning their development and career while aiding educational institutions in recruiting, developing, and planning succession for leaders.