Competency and Career Model for School Leaders


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The Good Deed Education Fund, together with the Association of Estonian School Leaders and the Ministry of Education and Research, launched the renewal of educational leaders’ competence and career model to create a comprehensive system to support the career and development of academic leaders. The model was prepared under the leadership of Fontes experts, along with support from universities, school principals, and several experts from Estonia and abroad, who contributed to its creation.

The competence and career model created from 2 years of work describes what outstanding educational leaders do and can do. Knowledge of learning, leading learning, and exemplary leadership skills are necessary to manage schools well. During the project, together with the experts, we described the most critical leadership competencies: how the leader maintains and manage themselves, how they lead their people, create a school environment that supports cooperation and development, design a strategy, and manage the organisation. The model supports the educational leader in planning his development and career and the school managers in recruiting, developing, and preparing the next generation of leaders.

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