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The Re-Use Centre is an independent social enterprise established in 2004 by the Good Deed Foundation, the Estonian Fund for Nature, the Caritas Foundation and two individuals: Rasmus Rask and Priit Mikelsaar. Its objective is to put used things back in circulation and to make re-use and re-design easily accessible and commonplace for everyone in Estonia.

The operating model of the Re-use Centre is based on collecting donations from Estonian people and companies and redirecting items in good condition to a new cycle in our own stores and with the help of cooperation partners. The income from the sale of items covers the maintenance costs of the Re-use Centre and the continued expansion across Estonia in order to offer more and more people the opportunity to both donate and purchase second-hand items. In addition, the centre supports those in need, such as families with many children, refugees, women’s shelters, and animal shelters. The centre is a cooperation partner for theaters, filmmakers, craftsmen, student companies, etc.

The more the Re-use Centre directs things to circulation, the greater the organisation’s contribution to the surrounding environment and society as a whole. The Re-use Centre’s mission is to ensure that clean, healthy and tidy things do not end up in the landfill, but instead end up in circulation again.

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