Impact Report #3 summarises 20 years of Good Deed Foundation

The newly published Impact Report #3 is a jubilee celebration as it summarises the story of 20 years of the Good Deed Foundation. It covers the most important milestones, from the creation of Estonia’s first social enterprise (Re-Use Center), the first evidence-based programme (Bullying-Free School), the first incubator for social initiatives (NULA), to the first strategic philanthropy fund (Good Deed Impact Fund) and from there to the first sectoral fund deeply involved in educational change (Good Deed Education Fund).

Good Deed Foundation has had the opportunity to be at the centre of, and the creator of, significant change over time. The report took almost 12 months to put together and required difficult choices to capture the most important insights. The report includes success stories of initiatives as well as a summary of what Good Deed has done well over the years. Just to give you some numbers – 100 initiatives launched and/or grown, one incubator and two philanthropy funds to which Estonian entrepreneurs have contributed €4 million, and 1,000+ hours of pro-bono experts’ advice every year.

The Good Deed model means long-term collaboration with the initiative, funding combined with in-kind support focused on building the capacity of the initiative. It also means that we have worked with each initiative for several years. We are very pleased that the initiatives we have supported from the Impact Fund have grown by more than 500%, or 5 times, over the years and that the Education Fund has reached 80% of schools, 66% of pupils and 10% of school leaders with its interventions.

Initiatives, supporters and volunteers form a caring and supportive community of people who believe in change and are willing to contribute to it. The Impact Report is a thank you to all of you. Enjoy the reading!