Impact People podcast episode: Impactful Estonians

How to make society a better place? One possible formula is very simple: gather effective initiatives, add smart support and you have a positive societal impact. In reality, of course, the puzzle is a little more complex and the outcome depends on a deep understanding of the real needs of organisations and the context of the different problems they are tackling, on the one hand, and the involvement of socially-minded supporters and committed experts, on the other. This has been the Good Deed’s formula.

Impact Europe, a network of European impact capital providers, invited Good Deed Foundation’s CEO Pirkko Valge to the #ImpactPeople podcast to talk about how the venture philanthropy field has developed in Estonia and how it works today.

Join Pirkko Valge and Benjamin de Vries (Impact Europe) to find out what the Estonian impact space has to offer to the world.