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Over half of general education teachers in Estonia are aged 50+. There is a growing shortage of young teachers, low interest in teacher training programmes at universities, and only 54% of young teachers working in schools five years after graduation. On the other hand, the increasing number of candidates for the Noored Kooli programme shows growing interest in the teaching career among talented professionals. 

Noored Kooli is a two-year development programme for education leaders. Its participants attend schools with a lower-than-average rate of pursuing post-primary education for two years. The participants undergo intensive preparatory training and teaching training at Tallinn University. Additionally, the participants are supported by Noored Kooli mentors.

While at school, the teachers’ focus is on the individual development of students and the improvement of learning skills. In the second year, participants develop their leadership skills and implement a co-creation project at school to improve students’ learning skills, social skills, or motivation. By creating a school culture that supports further learning, the participants grow into leaders in the education field.

After completing the programme, many keep working as teachers, and over 80% continue working in education. Several alums of Noored Kool have become principals. Additionally, some work as learning and development managers of schools or ministries or contribute to educational innovation by leading various educational initiatives and startups.

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