Join Team Impact!

Annually approx. 100 people from mostly private sector contribute their time and knowledge as pro-bono advisers and hands-on experts to help organisations with high societal impact to grow. Among our volunteers are communication experts from top businesses, HR consultants from Estonia´s leading advisory, lawyers from distinguished law firms, financial experts and multiple business owners.

NULA teams are looking for a mentor!

Period: May-June 2023

Location: remote work

Language: Estonian or English
Required contribution: 1 hour per week for 6 weeks

NULA incubator is designed to help social start-ups to test their solution and get up to 25 000€ funding. We need mentors for 10 teams for the first part of the incubator from May 5th to June 16th. During this period teams will be validating the target group and their problem, developing and testing their MVP using lean method.

Each mentor will work with one team 1 hour a week during a 6-week period. A good mentor is familiar with the lean method, has strong project management skills and/or product owner view and interest in solving societal problems.

What we mean by the lean approach:

  • Experimentation over elaborate planning
  • Customer feedback over intuition
  • Iteration over “big design up front” development

Let us know if you want to contribute in a meaningful way and do it in great company!


We are looking for a UX designer to help an awesome edtech with user experience research!

Period: February-April 2023

Location: remote work

Language: Estonian or English
Required contribution: 4-10 hours per month

Who needs help?

Good Deed Education Fund's initiative Praktikal creates STEM education teaching kits, which enable to teach natural sciences in an exciting and playful way through practical activities.

What kind of help?

They are looking for a UX designer to help conduct a user experience survey among teachers.

If you want to contribute in a meaningful way and do it in great company, let us know!


Good Deed community program

During 2023-2024 the Good Deed Foundation will take the recruiting and engagement of professional volunteers to a new level in order to more effectively and systematically support social initiatives with volunteer experts necessary for their development and capacity building. Development project is supported by EEA Grants Active citizens fund.

The project will grow:
  • the ability of our team to bring together impactful NGOs with capable volunteers,
  • NGOs' knowledge and opportunities to involve professional volunteers,
  • opportunities for finding volunteer work that matches the skills of professional volunteers
During the project, we organize events to introduce professional volunteering both to volunteers already in our community and to new experts with volunteer potential from the private sector. We will advise NGOs on how to engage professional volunteers more effectively. We are developing Good Deed Foundation's internal processes for managing volunteers, implementing volunteer management software and creating a new website for Good Deed Foundation, which helps to better highlight volunteerism and is integrated with the volunteer management software. On our webpage, it will be publicly visible in which topics the initiatives currently need the support of experts, and volunteers
can sign up for specific challenges. The software helps to gather information, keep track of the hours invested and the challenges that have been solved.

As a result of the project, a comprehensive system will be created that contributes to increasing the capacity of non-governmental organizations through the smart and quick recruitment of professional volunteers. The number and working hours of (permanent) volunteers mediated by the Good Deed Foundation every year will increase.